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Meme generator captures your face and captions it making a new meme!


This uses Microsoft Cognitive Service Emotion API to help identify the emotion of the picture and then choose a caption from thousands of captions crawled from websites according to the emotion to make a meme.

This is based on the hackathon project built with friends. The backend Servlet is adapted from the Java application built at SotonHack - Build 2.0 (2017). For more information about the hackathon project, visit the Devpost page.

The idea was initially came up with at IC Hack 17 for our project. Due to the time constrain and the technology used, the project could not been finished there. The Devpost page can be viewed here. It had been redesigned and done from beginning using Java instead of Python at SotonHack 2017.


This project uses Microsoft Cognitive Service, so the picture you upload will be transmitted to their server, even it is not stored on our server. You can read more about their privacy statement here.

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This is based on a hackathon projects, it is more like a demo. It may not be stable, and may terminate at anytime due to bugs, server maintains, lack of API key maintains and some other issues.

Last updated on 17 June 2017.